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Vincenzo Ruggieri

Unique creative videographer backed by decades of experience.

Born in a small town in Luxembourg to Italian parents.

Vincenzo started learning the business by carrying video equipment for a professional camera operator from a local French TV station and assisting them in shooting and editing. Soon thereafter he carried his own equipment and after working for some of the industry’s finest agencies, he decided to start his own business.

It gave him a unique opportunity to choose his projects, manage his time and work with the best in the business. He got his big break while on location on a  glacier in Austria in 1989 where he was asked by a BBC producer if he would be interested in covering two British adventurers competing in "The Gold Rush Classic", a snowmobile race from Anchorage to Nome on the historic Iditarod trail?


After that adventure Ruggieri remained in Alaska where he pioneered a local newscast named "Valley News" and shot, edited, and produced over 800 shows on KYES-TV5. After 10 years in "THE LAST FRONTIER", he left the extreme North for Europe and 17 years later moved back to North America but this time to the extreme south.


Vincenzo is pursuing his passion for video production and finally, in July of 2021, he founded and produced the 1st "AMERICAS PATRIOT NEWS", a program that exposes the Truth the Freedom, and the Integrity all other news stations refuse to expose. It Aires on the Christian Television Network (CTN)

Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00PM

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